Neuro Behavioural Interventions

Could there be a connection between brain wave frequency, neuronal firing, habit forming behaviour, peak performance and Mindfulness? …One Would Wonder! Our interventions help decode the secrets of  Neuro-science behind Behaviour, Peak Performance and Mindfulness.

Our Flagship Interventions

  1. Mindful Leadership 

  2. Leading by the Brain

  3. Empowerment Coaching

  4. Management of Unconscious Bias

  5. The Body Never Lies Series 

  6. Confidence Crisis 

  7. Hidden Agendas - Games People Play

  8. Neuroscience of Empowerment

  9. Negotiation and the Neuroscience Behind It.

  10. The Neuroscience behind Influencing

  11. The Neuroscience of Customer Service & Hospitality

  12. The Science Behind Accountability and Ownership

  13. The Time Myth

  14. Value Based Decision Making

  15. The Change Before the Change

  16. Leaders without Titles

  17. Success Delusion

  18. Unmasking the Mask (The Face Behind the Face)

  19. The Essence of Belonging

  20. Performance Conflict

We work with organisations to increase performance and productivity of employees and organisational health using tools and techniques from neurobehavioural science. We also set up Neuroscience labs and Health and Innovations hubs within organisations.

Our aim is to enhance health, well being and productivity through neurobehavioral interventions.

Our journey mandates collaborating with neuroscience subject matter experts to bring about continuous improvements in health, behaviour and performance.

Brain Matters

The Brain has often been viewed as a black box - with mysteries yet to be solved and decoded. However, thanks to breakthrough in Neuroscience and Neuropsychology today we are in a position to  connect the dots; revealing starling facts about mind, behaviour & body connection not spoken about openly.


The Leading Brain will force participants not just to look within but explore the unexplored aspects of their being with gripping insights that will inspire reflection, action and innovation, bringing transformation at a personal and professional level.

The intervention takes participants on a journey that starts with using brain science to consistently achieve individual peak performance, optimum health, mindfulness and it reaches the crescendo by helping them apply these findings to create high-performing living and working teams and environments.

The intervention aims at decoding the success formula to becoming A Leader Extraordinaire - positioning participants in a league of their own!