About Us

The Organisation


Tabula Rasa is an end to end learning solutions provider specialising in Organisation Development (OD) Consulting and Performance and Productivity Management.


We work towards empowering global learning communities through a fine blend of outcome driven learning strategies and technology innovation. 


Tabula Rasa delivers high, impactful and engaging neuro behavioural, management, education and business oriented interventions  and strategies.


It makes use of the latest research, best industry practices and robust technology platforms that make learning focused and measurable.

The Team


Our Global Team comprises of the following Subject Matter Experts:

  • Neurobehavioural Scientists

  • OD and OB Consultants 

  • International Coaching Federation (ICF) Certified Coaches

  • Psychometricians

  • Internationally Certified Trainers and Facilitators

  • Educationists and Academicians

  • Visionaries and Futuristic Thinkers

  • Industry Practitioners and Subject Matter Experts

  • Technocrats

Our Vision


Our Aim is to ‘Build Capabilities by Re-engineering Behaviour and Technical Competence’ using a blend of age-old Learning and Development techniques along with the most cutting edge research in the space of Human Behaviour, Performance and Excellence. 


We are determined to bring about a Paradigm Shift in the way individuals work and lead their lives, through our innovative and radical techniques.